Hi I’m Lorna,

The Founder, Creator and Owner of All About The Sew.

For me, it really is All About The Sew! I am a self confessed sewing fanatic: it makes me feel amazing, allows me to relax, to create unique things with my own hands and to feel accomplished through the things I make. I am forever grateful to my Mum for teaching me to sew, so much so that my mission is to share my sewing knowledge and skills with others through teaching and inspiring people. I just can’t keep it to myself! This passion led me to create All About The Sew in September 2016.

The business started with teaching classes in village halls and has now grown into having my own studio space to teach from and selling a range of fabrics, sewing kits and haberdashery. I want to make it as easy as possible for people to access this incredible hobby.

Before All About The Sew was born,

I was a Physiotherapist working with children in the NHS. I helped people, taught others in fun ways and I developed excellent communication and empathy skills. This has made me the sewing teacher I am today.                   

Learning a new skill like sewing can be hard – just like doing your exercises! I am repeatedly told I am a very patient person – an essential skill when teaching sewing… I want people to feel relaxed, welcomed and encouraged when they come to All About The Sew. I will always adapt classes to meet the needs of each client where possible or suggest a one to one session if a bit more time and more specific focus is needed.   

Sewing can be quite a solitary hobby.

I am a very sociable person and am passionate about bringing people to learn in a group environment. People can spend time ‘away from the routine’, socialise, share ideas, enjoy that all important cup of tea and create things together they can be proud of!

In May 2015, I entered a competition run by Simplicity, the pattern company, and was one of two runners up for ‘Simplicity’s Star Sewist’. You can read more about it here.


Enhancing my teaching skills

I have Level 3 Qualifications and Credit Framework Award in Education and Training plus a Level 1 National Certificate of Further Education (Dressmaking).

When I’m not sewing I’m usually dashing around after our two children, 2 house rabbits and 2 rats! I also enjoy running, HIIT sessions, knitting, crochet, drinking hot chocolate and travelling to Italy!

If this makes you feel like “yes – I want Lorna to be part of my sewing journey”, then take a look at the opportunities I offer here or get in touch to discuss them further.

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